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All Green
Matt Bischoff
5009 New Haven Avenue
Fort Wayne, IN  46803
Phone: 260-493-0075

The All Green firm, I discovered from Matt Bischoff, the Regional Market Manager of the All Green Lawn Firm, was established in 1987. Ed Barant was the man that had a vision for an employee owned company that would hopefully become one of the top three industry leading companies in Lawn care. Under Barant's direction All Green has grown to provide lawn care services in thirteen locations covering seven different states. One of those locations is just west of New Haven. Bischoff said that one of the ironic facts about this All Green location is tht they are in Fort Wayne, but they are located on New Haven Avenue.

It was after his baseball career that Matt Bischoff became part of All Green. He said, "I thnk that initially I was just looking for a new career after I got out of vaseball." Bischoff discovered that he had a passion for marketing and sales. Bischoff continued, "I never knew what I wanted to sell and market, I just knew that I wanted to do it." After working in lawn care for a short time, Bischoff discovered he had a passion for that as well and knew that All Green was where he was meant to be. Bischoff began in production and quickly learned in giving quotes to consider the kind of equipment available. He related that in one instance he gave a quote for a two acre area of land not thinking ahead that he was going to have a walk that entire two acres while pulling a hose.

All Green is not just the company name but it is also their guarantee. All Green offers customized lawn, tree/shrub and exterior pest control programs for residential and commercial properities. Their goal is to establish long-term customer relationships by providing quality and dependable service with guaranteed results. They feel their success will depend on growing their business thru referrals based on consistently providing value based quality services to their customers. In other words they want to bring service back instyle. 

Bischoff said in describing what All Green does, "So the cemicals that you buy at the store, we apply those professionally, accurately and at a fair price. We believe that you work hard to improve the interior of your home and we would just like to give a firm foundation for the exterior appearance."

Matt Bischoff has represented All Green as a member of the New Haven Chamber of Commerce for a little over a year. In that short time he has attended several Meet Me @ 5's as well as a business networking group that meets every Tuesday. One of All Green's first Chamber activities they participated in was the Ag Appreciation Day last August. Bischoff said, "That was big for us, we got to meet the farmers and see some really cool displays. Plus, I got to meet the Mayor and that's always cool."

Biscoff shared that as a New Haven Chamber member he is able to meet so many people that are in the New Haven Community that run their own business or that are part of a larger business. He said, "It is interesting to see how they go about their professional careers. I plan on being a part of this community for as long as I can, so I want to be involved to make sure there is a better tomorrow in place."