The Chamber provides a variety of benefits and support both to your business and the community

Dear Future Member;

The New Haven Chamber of Commerce is a growing business association representing the business community of New Haven Indiana.

Our membership consists of business both large and small, non-profits and anyone who is trying to thrive in the private sector.  Our Chamber has continued to perfect it's operations to carry out it's mission, while offering an array of services to it's members.

Whether through public policy, political engagement, workshops, special events, communications, or other member services, theChamber is constantly working hard to improve New Haven's business climate and respond to the needs of the business community.

If you want to see a more competitive, business-friendly climate for your operations, one of the best solutions is your membership with the New Haven Indiana Chamber.  While you’re busy doing what you do best – running your day-to-day affairs – the Chamber will work to protect your interests in various levels of Legislature. 

Take the next step and act now to start getting that edge you've been looking for.


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