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Milan Center Feed & Grain

Milan Center Feed & Grain
Lynn Stieglitz
15402 Doty Road
New Haven, IN  46774
Phone: 260-657-5461
Fax: 260-657-5397

If you make a triangle on the map with New Haven, Harlan, and Woodburn, in the middle you will find a treasure; Milan Center Feed & Grain. Milan Center Feed & Grain was founded in 1957 by Marvin Stieglitz, who began by selling bagged feed from their farm in Harlan, Indiana. Eventually, Marvin and Joan purchased a mill in Harlan and quickly outgrew the facility. When the sight owned by the Brueggeman family on Doty Road went up for sale in 1963, it seemed the perfect location for the growing business. Lynn Stieglitz who is the oldest son and current general manager of Milan Center Feed & Grain said, "This particular facility was built in 1948 right after the war. It is kind of amazing when I look at it; it was built out of rough sawn logs and big timbers. I think it was probably a state of the art building in its day."

What made this location even better was a large home to raise a growing family. Stieglitz shared that his family moved next door in 1971. He said, "I was intrigued with the variety of things going on next door so I would come over and help out after school."

Stieglitz was involved with the Future Farmers of America (FFA) Organization. During his involvement they talked a lot about what they would do in the future, particularly about careers in agriculture. Purchasing some hogs and helping to raise them on a nearby farm, Stieglitz dabbled in animal husbandry. He provided the feed and the farmer took care of them, all with the hope that there would be some money left at the end.

Graduating high school in 1976, it was time for college. Stieglitz shared, "I was just more interested in the business. I did go to Michigan state; they had an eighteen month program of Ag Tech. It was basically six quarters of elevator and supply management." Returning home after graduating from that program, he began working at Milan Center Feed & Grain full time.

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