Workman Computers, LLC


Workman Computer

Brian Workman
4319 Lake Avenue, Suite 103
P.O. Box 618
New Haven, IN  46774
Phone: 260-748-3464

In today’s world practically everyone has a computer of some sort. They have become a tool of necessity for large business as well as small business. By and large they are very beneficial until they don’t work and you can’t access any of your data. Therein lies the problem.

A great solution for that problem is Workman Computer LLC.  Workman Computer technicians provide various services including but not limited to PC repair, Mac repair, laptop repair, and laptop screen repair. Brian Workman owner of Workman Computer said, “Anything that has to do with computers we do. Mainly we work as small business support. I try to provide services for small businesses that can’t justify hiring a full time IT person. I provide computer support, networking, work stations, server, pretty much anything”.

               Even when Workman was a youth he discovered an enjoyment when working with electronics. Workman said, “It just kind of evolved into the computer portion of electronics”. Workman began earning a living by repairing computers at New Haven Computer in 2001. When they decided to close that business Workman said, “I decided I really liked what I was doing and so I was going to do it on my own. So I started just out of my house.” Then in 2007 Workman Computer incorporated and made it an LLC. Workman Computer later moved into a location on Broadway in New Haven and now is located on Lake Avenue.

               Recently Workman’s son Austin has begun working in the business. This has enabled Workman Computers to expand their services for personal computers. Now you can just walk into their office and drop off your computer or if dropping off your computer is difficult, their technicians are also happy to offer on-site repair. Using state of the art, industry leading PC and Mac diagnostic software, Workman Computer pinpoints any hardware issues your computer may have. Once diagnostics are complete they give clients a full repair quote and an honest opinion as to whether their computer is worth fixing or should be replaced.

               One of Workman’s favorite parts of the computer repair business is its inconsistency. He said, “Each day I don’t know exactly what I am going to do. I worked for many years as a corporate IT person and it was the same thing every day and I found that very boring. Most of my days I have a general idea of what I think is going to happen but in actuality my day is very fluid. I enjoy that.”

               Workman Computer LLC has been a member of the New Haven Chamber of Commerce since 2009. During that time they have supplied computer support for the Chamber and have done a very good job for us. Workman said the biggest benefit of membership for him has been word of mouth advertising.

Workman shared that his only advertising is word of mouth. He said, “It is hard to advertise in this business. People don’t care unless they have a problem with their computer. Other advertising is only hitting people that aren’t having problems with their computer. Then months down the road when they do have problems with their computer they often ask their friends and family who to go to. That is why word of mouth is my main advertising. There’s a big trust bond because the computer holds so much information. And you hear scary stories about things that happen with less than reputable people. That is why I struggle with paid advertising. It has some impact but not enough to justify in my mind the expense. I just continue to treat people right and that has been the best thing to do”.

So no matter what type of computer services you need, give Workman Computer a call. “We are waiting to serve you”.