MJM Mechanical

MJM Mechanical
Jessica Whitfield
4903 Speedway Drive
Fort Wayne, IN  46825
Phone: 260-483-0878
Web: www.mjmfortwayne.com

MJM Mechanical is tucked back into an industrial area off of Speedway Drive in Fort Wayne, but this is not where it started. Josh Mitchell the founder of MJM Mechanical worked for Lutheran Hospital taking care of their heating and air conditioning. then in 2009 Josh decided to go into business for himself and started MJM Mechanical with just him and a truck. A few years later, his sister Jessica Whitfield became his office manager. She said, "I literally worked out of his den. We had a separate garage at h is home and that was the shop and at that point there were only three of us".

In 2016 along time customer, Janitor Supply, owned a space where MJM Mechanical could move into which is their current location. It made great sense to move to that area Jessica said because their supply houses are literally across the street and that makes it really easy to get anything they need to do their jobs efficiently.

At that time there were five employees. "Not only did I run everything in the office without help. I used to also run parts to the guys," she said. "So a lot of times I would be in my car, on the phone, driving things to people, basically trying to work the office from my car." So last fall, they hired two part time delivery guys, one of which happens to be their father. "They are here to keep track of stuff in the shop and run stuff to the guys. It made my life so much easier", she said.
Not only did they hire delivery guys but they also hired Jessica's sister to be her assistant. Jessica said, "Anymore I pretty much do accounts receivable and payable, human resources, and work with the builders on residential and commercial stuff." With the hiring of Josh and Jessica's sister and their father MJM Mechanical truly became a family affair.

In just two short years the business has grown from five employees to a total of twenty-three employees and has expanded into an enjoining space. Jessica credits the quick growth to her brother's amazing skill, knowledge, and work ethics. "He is amazing at what he does", she said. "He works really hard; he always has. And the guys that we brought on are just great."

All of MJM Mechanical's service technicians have over ten years experience, and as a Carrier Factory-Authorized Dealer, they provide their technicians with continuing education and training to stay current with the latest HVAC repair and installation technologies. Jessica also shared that a lot of the guys they hire have all worked together in other places, so it is like one great big family. Because of that they take good care of everything and they care about what they do.

The mission statement of MJM Mechanical seems to echo her sentiment; "Quality is not something we say it is in everything we do". Jessica stated, "This is very important to Josh. He wants everything to look as it should. No just throwing stuff in there and no hurrying. It's got to look right, they are very picky about how they do things. As we've grown, this has remained our motto and how we do business."

MJM Mechanical works primarily with heating and cooling systems for residential and commercial customers. they work with contractors for installing systems in new homes and businesses. They offer 24/7 Emergency Service to all their customers. You can always count on MJM Mechanical to get to you fast and get the job done right the first time. Whether it's repair, maintenance, or installation.

Recently they have begun to work with plumbing, so their services have expanded to water heaters and sump pumps as well as the heating systems and air conditioners. MJM Mechanical also is proficient with commercial refrigeration service, maintenance and installation and Jessica shared that sometime in the future they may even branch into the electrical area.

MJM Mechanical is a newcomer to the New Haven Chamber of Commerce. Since joining the benefit they have probably used the most is the Office Depot discount. Jessica also said, "I make sure I keep the e-connection newsletter around so they can see the events coming up. The problem is I think they would all like to go and take part in some of the events, but they are so busy."

"The biggest benefit of Chamber membership at this time is getting our name out there. That gives you recognition even if maybe somebody doesn't right away call us, but they have seen our logo on something. Anything that can get your name out there is important", Jessica said.

So if you have heating, air conditioning, or plumbing needs of any kind, check them out and experience the MJM Mechanical difference today!