Profits On Hold LLC

Profits On-Hold Productions, LLC
Bud Brenneman, Director/ Pam Brenneman, President and CEO
4607 Bridgetown Court
Fort Wayne, IN  46804
Phone: (260) 434-7647

   Have you ever called a company and subsequently been put on-hold only to hear "Beeps", an annoying radio station, "cheesy" generic hold music, or even "Dead Silence"? What if you could turn "Lemons into Lemonade"? Turning that "HOLD time" into a tool to promote your business while increasing sales and "customer loyalty" opportunities? That is where Profits On-Hold Productions, LLC comes in. Bud Brenneman, Director at Profits On-Hold Productions LLC along with his wife Pam, President and CEO own and manage POHP LLC; who's systems are compatible with virtually every type of telephone system including the new "V-O-I-P" systems.

The Profits On-Hold Productions, (POHP LLC) team partners with clients to transform their "HOLD time" into "SOLD time"! First, professional script writers take the time to learn about your company. Once your new on-hold script is approved, they then create and produce dynamic on-hold marketing productions that keep callers engaged on the line. As Brenneman says, "It's all about enhancing your company's image and branding! He continued, "We want to project the exact same branding, consistent with a client's current newspaper, radio, television, on-line, and social media presence! Companies pay thousands of marketing and advertising dollars to make the phones ring. When the phones DO ring, sometimes calls get placed on HOLD out of necessity. Profits On-Hold Productions, LLC not only helps keep callers on the line; they turn the time on hold into an opportunity that keeps callers mentally engaged!"

When it comes to frequency of on-hold updates, Profits On Hold LLC has all types of solutions that clients can take advantage of. Some of their clients get their productions on an "as needed basis". These clients usually have businesses that don't change much...CPA's, Insurance Agencies, and such. Other clients, who have frequent events and happenings going on, take advantage of POHP LLC's "subscription bundles". Those bundles consist of a number of updates per year, (2 times, 4 times, 6 times, or monthly 12 times per year bundles). Updates can then be made whenever the client chooses in a calendar year. Profits On Hold LLC can also create "special-event messages" or "Now Hiring" on-hold files that can be used for limited time periods.

An important time of year (a time that Brenneman strongly suggests updating one's on-hold messages) is prior to and during the holiday season each year. "We suggest holiday messaging and music right after Thanksgiving; which is strategically a really important time," Bud shared, "because it's a time to reach out and foster client, customer, and patient relationships. It's a nice touch to incorporate tasteful holiday background music along with your holiday greeting." Many businesses feature holiday-hours as well as days or weeks that they may be closed in celebration of the holidays. Additionally, many of Bud's Restaurant clients use their holiday messaging to promote holiday specials, events, and gift cards! "What I really want to let people know", Brenneman interjected, "is that holiday telephone on-hold marketing from POHP LLC provides a personal touch from our company while giving your callers a personal holiday touch from you."

Profits On Hold LLC has been a New Haven Chamber of Commerce member for ten years. "One final thing I did want to say", Bud shared, "is that New Haven has been the most progressive city in embracing the concept of on-hold marketing ever! We are very, very fortunate to have some great clients here in New Haven who we are very thankful for! AND we really appreciate the New Haven Chamber for helping us grow our business here." When asked, what the biggest benefit of being a Chamber member was, Bud replied, "The opening of doors and the legitimacy that Chamber Membership provides us because we are a part of the community. People want to do business locally and know that the person is going to be around and to know that if anything should happen that they've got accountability; community accountability, and that is truly what the Chamber offers, community accountability!" The most gratifying aspect of Bud's Business? He reflected, "Becoming personal friends with so many of our wife Pam and I have been blessed to have so many dear friends that developed directly out of doing business with them!"